Current Team

The Marine and Freshwater Research Centre is comprised of the following postgraduate students, interns and staff members:

Postgraduate Students

Heidi Acampora

Isabel Baker

Mathijs Carmen

Simon Dedman

Philip Doddy

Paul Dolder

Jamie Downes

Roxanne Duncan

Kevin French

Melanie Gomes

Michael Griffin

La Daana Kanhai

Niall Keogh

Mar Marcos Lopez

Giada Maugeri

Adon McFarlane

Claire Moore

Felix Scholz

Michael Sheridan

Katie Thomas


Staff Members

Simon Berrow

John Boyd

Deirdre Brophy

Martin Gammell

Edel Hannigan

Colin Hannon

Paula Haynes

Pauline King

Heather Lally

Eugene McCarthy

Pauhla McGrane

Cóilín Minto

Róisín Nash

Francesco Noci

Joanne O’Brien

Ian O’Connor

Rick Officer

Cilian Roden


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